OM Sri Ganeshayaa namaha.

Sankata NasHana Ganesh (Ganapati) Stotram along with English Meaning of each stanza. Uvacha:

Sage Narada told


Pranamya Sirasa Devam,

Gauri Putram, Vinayakam,

Bhakthya Vyasa Smaren Nithya,

Mayu Kama Artha Sidhaye.

The learned one, who wishes,

For more life, wealth and love,

Should salute with his head,

Lord Ganapathi who is the son of Goddess Parvathi

Prathamam Vakra Thundam Cha,

Ekadantham Dveethiyakam,

Trithiyam Krishna Pingalaksham,

Gajavakthram Chathurthakam.


Think him first as god with broken tusk,

Second as the Lord with one tusk,

Third as the one with reddish black eyes,

Fourth as the one who has the face of an elephant.

Lambhodaram Panchamam Cha,

Sashtam Vikatameva Cha,

Sapthamam Vignarajam Cha,

Dhoomra Varnam Thadashtamam

Fifth as the one who has a very broad paunch,

Sixth as the one who is cruel to his enemies,

Seventh as the one who is remover of obstacles,

Eighth as the one who is of the colour of smoke

Navamam phala chandram cha,

Dasamam thu Vinayakam,

Ekadasam Ganapathim,

Dwadasam the gajananam.

Ninth as the one who crescent in his forehead,

Tenth as the one, who is the leader of remover of obstacles,

Eleventh as the leader of the army of Lord Shiva,

And twelfth as the one who has the face of an elephant.

Dwathasaithani Namani,

Trisandhyam Ya Paden Nara,

Na Cha Vigna Bhayam Thasya,

Sarva Sidhi Karam Dhruvam.

Any one reading these twelve names,

At dawn, noon and dusk,

Will never have fear of defeat,

And would always achieve whatever he wants.

Vidyarthi Labhadhe Vidhyam,

Danarthi Labhathe Danam,

Puthrarthi Labhathe Puthran,

Moksharthi Labhathe Gatheem.


One who pursues education will get knowledge,

One who wants to earn money will get money,

One who wishes for a son, will get a son,

And one who wants salvation will get salvation.

Japeth Ganapathi Sthothram,

Shadbhir Masai Phalam Labeth,

Samvatsarena Sidhim Cha,

Labhathe Nathra Samsaya.

Results of chanting this prayer,

Of Ganapati will be got within six months,

And within a year, he would get all wishes fulfilled,

And there is no doubt about this.


Ashtanam Brahmanam Cha,

Likihithwa Ya Samarpoayeth,

Thasya Vidhya Bhaveth

Sarvaa Ganesasya Prasadatha.
One who gives this prayer,

 In writing to Eight wise people,

And offers it to Lord Ganesha,

Will become knowledgeable,

And would be blessed with all stellar qualities,

By the grace of Lord Ganesh. 


Ithi Sri Narada Purane Samkashta Nasanam Ganesh Stotram Sampoornam

Thus ends the prayer from Narada Purana to Ganesh which would destroy all sorrows.

Surya morning pooja.

Om Bhaskaraya Vidhmahe,

Diva karaya Dheemahe,

Thanno Surya Prachodayath.”

Let us meditate on the Sun that emanates light,

And is divine in its essence,

Let Sun enlighten my mind.”


1.  Aum Mitraya Namah 

2.  Aum Ravayre Namah 

3.  Aum Suryaya Namah 

4.  Aum Bhanave Namah 

5.  Aum Khagaya Namah 

6.  Aum Pushne Namah 

7.  Aum Hiranyagarbhaya Namah 

8.  Aum Marichaye Namah 

9.  Aum Adityaya Namah 

10. Aum Savitre Namah 

11. Aum Arkaya Namah 

12. Aum Bhaskaraya Namah


1. Who is friendly to all

2. The shining one, the radiant one

3. Who is the dispeller of darkness and responsible for bringing activity

4. One who illumines, the bright one

5. Who is all-pervading, one who moves through the sky

6. Giver of nourishment and fulfillment

7. Who has golden color brilliance

8. The giver of light with infinite number of rays

9. The son of Aditi, the cosmic divine Mother

10. One who is responsible for life

11. Worthy of praise and glory

12. Giver of wisdom and cosmic illumination