From the heart.


  1. January 

Here are a few ideas 💡on how you can make 2018 better than 2017 .

0. Respect every things and everyone.😇

0. Only eat what you can grow.🌾

0. Think of what you need instead of what you want.🧢

0. Love is for sharing , otherwise it’s not called love it’s selfishness.🚸

0. Don’t forget your 5 a day.👨🏼‍⚕️👨🏼‍🌾

You don’t have to hope that things will get better, these simple steps can change your health, if you to be different then give it a try.

This is My way of shearing ❤️ 👉🏽👨‍👩‍👧‍👦😇. 🙏🏾


  1. A simple life-I came on this planet naked and I will depart with just a piece of white cloth raps around me, I even have an organ donor card ready to give my organs away to help others . As nothing belongs to me, I won’t anything to come back for! How many of you are ready and that can say the same???

To be continued......


  1. Wealth is a illusion - health is everything. A family is only a family when you can hold each other’s hands and walk away from all your possessions (material world) to new place and start all over!! How many of you can do that???



  1. The best thing in life is for free- Love is the most powerful tool to make your dreams come true. Money can only buy materials. I know what I will choose, what about you???


  1. Fighting over things will only create divisions, unhappiness and solitude- what are we fighting for??? and why are we fighting for things that doesn’t belong to us. Live your life enjoy with your loved one, don’t destroy your surroundings because you can!! Are you living your life ??? 


  1. Charity begins at home- when you loose everything, your family will still be there to support you! But when you feel that you are on top of the world remember who is going to catch you when you fall! Always remember those who have helped you to get to your destination. Do you know who has helped you to get to where you are today???


  1. What is life without love? - there is no point on living life without love , happiness comes with loves, money can’t buy love!!, love can conquer the world and beyond. Lovers are blind , love is a beautiful thing that can transform you into the most powerful and amazing human being. Are you loved ??? 


  1. Don’t blame the game -as you know it’s the players that want to cheat and don’t follow the rules !! Life is easy and simple don’t complicate it by wanting more that you need!! Learn the different between your needs and your wants!! What is the point of having everything that you want but don’t have anything that you need???


  1. Learn fast as life is short-Don’t join the rat race , you might not like the destination!! Follow your own path, educate yourself. You have one life do and be the best don’t be like the rest. It doesn’t look like anyone is enjoying life to the max. Be the first to embrace life and be happy with what you have , make the most of it without hurting anyone or anything that cross your path. There are a lot of people suffering in this world! Ask how  can I help??


  1. The greatest joy of all- is when you have helped others to achieve their goals and to have a lot of happy faces around you. That can only happen if you are willing to share your time and possessions with others. Are you willing to do that little thing??


  1. Others are waiting- don’t take it all as others have to survive on the left over. Greeds and selfishness are the path to self destruction. Willing to give and being patient are rare qualities that will lead you to the path of happiness . Sharing is caring. Are you willing to share???

Being human- human being.

Being here already once before we should find it easier this time around. Yet we are still struggling to live and make a living. We have not learned anything to help us this time around. Maybe next time we will get it right. Are you willing to take that chance???


Extras- 01

Wealth -We only have to protect our valuable if we look at it as item of great value. A rose is just a flower that comes from a big family of different type and quality of flowers.

Can I put  a price on it or is it priceless?

Can it be replaced? 

How much is it really worth?

Is life more valuable than anything? 


Life or death- we don’t usually think about what is in between the two, it’s not life or death it’s between life and death. Our legacy will remain for others to judge us on . So you have plenty of time to create a good one or just do the minimum and hope for the best. Your life your choice!! 


Different- what sets you apart from the rest? Is it your good look or your kindness to others? 

What will you be remembered for/as ?

Your good deeds or your striking looks? 

Are you doing your best or are you just passing time?


Why am I here? 

Why not somewhere else? Why do I have to stay here? Why now? 

Why in this body? 

Why Am i this colour? 

Why am I not a millionaire?

Just remember that god could not come down here but he sent me instead, now start thinking of what will he do? That’s the real question none of the above matters.

Brief Introduction to Dashavatara of Lord Vishnu


  • 1. Matsya avatar: Matsya, the fish was the first avatar of lord Vishnu. When the world was at the brink of extinction, Vishnu takes the form of a fish to save Manu, from flood, after which he takes his ship to the new world along with one of every species of plant and animal, gathered in a massive cyclone.
  • 2. Kurma avatar: In the satya Yuga, the devas and asuras churns the ocean in order to get the nectar of immortality, using Mandara mountain as the churning staff, the mountain starts sinking, at that point, Vishnu incarnates as tortoise to bear the weight of the mountain.
  • 3. Varaha avatar: After the asuraHiranyaksha managed to please Lord Brahma by a great penance, he received the boon of invincibility against all beings. When the all mighty king, Hiranyaksha captured the earth and drags the planet earth to the bottom of the ocean, Vishnu takes the form of boar. He not only killed the demon, but also rescued the earth with one great dive into the ocean.
  • 4. Narasimha avatar: The invincibility turn the asura king Hiranyakashipu into a tyrant and he assumed he was the supreme power of the universe. His son, Prahalad was a devotee of Vishnu. Vishnu appeared on earth as Narasimha, with the body of a man and the head and claws of a lion. He arrived at dusk, a time which is neither day nor night; he appeared in the courtyard, thus it was neither indoors nor outdoors, and tore the asura apart with his bare nails.
  • 5. Vamana avatar: Vishnu appeared as vamana, a dwarf brahman. King Bali obliged by the presence of a Brahman, offered him whatsoever he demanded. Vamana asked for huge proportion of land that could be covered by his three steps. Hearing this, Bali was amused as he imagined the little stretch of land that the dwarf Brahman would claim. However Vamana soon assumed huge proportions, with his first step claiming the heavens and his second step claiming the netherworlds.
  • 6. Parashurama avatar: The sixth avatar of Vishnu is Parashurama, skilled in the art of battle and an excellent archer, his birth was to rid the earth of evil kshatriya kings who had unleashed tyranny over the common people.
  • 7. Lord Rama: This avatar's purpose was to kill King Ravana, but more than this mission, his life was a lesson for mankind. He taught the importance of standing up to the values of virtue, fairness, truth and strength of character.
  • 8. Lord Krishna: Krishna plays a pivotal role in the epic battle of Kurukshetra, between the Kauravas and Pandavas. Krishna expounded various philosophies as guidelines for life, which are known as the Bhagwad Gita, one of the most revered texts of Hindu philosophy.
  • 9. Buddha: The ninth avatar is Gautam Buddha - the founder of Buddhism. His penances under a Bodhi tree resulted in Enlightenment. He then spread the message of an eightfold middle path to create peace in daily life.
  • 10. Kalki: The tenth and last incarnation of Vishnu is yet to appear. His appearance will mark the end of Kali Yuga, after which the Krita Yuga will again begin where purity of mind will reigns over everything.