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Sri Siva Shakti Family.

Sri Hari Hara

10 Goodmayes lane Ilford Essex IG39NZ

Promoting religion and culture. (HINDUISM)

In 2004 we started to work on Goodmayes Sri Siva Shakti Temple now 2018 we have once again working on a new project called Sri Hari Hara Temple in the east of England. Temple work carries on as one never stop.

Over the years we have helped out in many temple- 1985 Sri Dandha Udhaya Bhani Murugan (clemencia),1989 Sri Murugan Temple, 2001 Thorton Heath Murugan temple, 2002 Sri Badra Kalli Ammen , 2004 Sri Siva Shakti, 2008 Sri Dakshina Murty Temple, 2014 Sri Vishnu Temple Milano, 2016 Vakra kalli, And Over the years We also been involve in many other  projects ( temples and schools)around the world. From time to time We still help out in all the temple. Future project are inthe pipe line - Canada , France, ............